On The Importance of Good Friends & Six Other Ways I Stay Grounded in a World that Won’t Stop Spinning


Does anyone else feel like the world is spinning too fast, that the day is gone in an instant and you don’t remember what happened yesterday, much less today? Do you feel as if you are on a constant rollercoaster and you just want to get off? Do you feel snowed under, overwhelmed, lost or that everyday is a struggle?

I often feel this way and suspect others do also. We live in a world of 24 hour live News Coverage. We are bombarded with information every second of everyday. The world has never been smaller or more connected, you can communicate instantly with anyone anywhere and yet isolation, depression and suicide continue to rise.

It is so terribly easy to lose sight of who we are really are but if we don’t take time to reflect, to breathe, to dance, laugh or just sit still, we will all be lost.


I have been thinking about what helps me stay grounded, brings me back to my fundamental truths, to freedom, joy and peace.

In the hopes this may help another find their way, here are

My Seven Ways to Ground Yourself

1) Friends


I am very fortunate to have a few close friends and one BFF or Boo, as I like to call her. When things get crazy and the world becomes too much and I don’t know how I will cope or get through this, my BFF has always been there for me. She is the sister I never had.

I know, no matter what, she is at my side, my rock. She is the keeper of all of my secrets. The first person I think of when I have news to tell or need advice or just want to spend time with, whether that be on great adventures exploring foreign lands or just sitting together on the sofa at home, it doesn’t matter what we do, the main thing is we do it together.


Countless hours talking on the phone, talking through the night, sorrows and joys shared, so many years of wonderful memories. Many of the best moments of my life have been with her.


She helps be me more then I am, to be more me. So many times, amidst great change and dizzying turns of events, I felt uncertain & unsure but she brings me back to reality and always, always keeps me grounded.

Apart, the journey is long and often scary and confusing but together, the impossible becomes possible. I cannot express my gratitude enough for having her in my life.

2) Hugs


One of the most wonderful and simple ways to ground yourself is to hug another, whether that be a family member, a friend, a colleague, a pet or a tree. The benefits of hugging cannot be emphasised enough.

article-2332853-1A0E4C03000005DC-283_634x418There is a lady in India called Amma The Hugging Saint, who brings joy and happiness around the world through hugs. She came to Dublin last year but unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it there but definitely next time.

Amidst all the terrorist attacks of the last few months, a young muslim man blindfolded himself and stood on a street in Paris with a sign, saying ‘I’m Muslim, I trust you, Do you Trust me, Give me a Hug’. This brave young man wanted to show the world that love is the answer, not hate and war. He was quickly surrounded by hundreds of people who wanted to give him a hug. A simple gesture with profound ripple effects throughout the world.



In Ireland, we are not the best for hugging, we can tell a story, dance up a storm or bring the house down but not so good at hugs. However times are changing and I am determined to hug more, one person at a time, so remember, hug often! 🙂

3) Going on Adventures


There is nothing like the joy of going on an adventure to remind you what its like to live fully in your skin, to remember who you really are and why you want to be.

You don’t have to climb the highest mountain or travel the seven seas or leave Earth’s orbit and step on the moon to find adventure. Adventure can be found in a turn of the road or a path you haven’t gone down before, a view never seen before, a glade never walked in before…


The very best adventures are the ones that are unexpected, where strange and wonderful things happen and you meet people you will never forget, experiences that change you forever and all because you decided to take a slightly different path.

The heart delights in new horizons and in this case, I cannot recommend going adventuring enough, as when you come home, you will not just be refreshed and energised but you will also be grounded.

4) Take off your Shoes, your socks and Dare to walk on Bare Feet


There is nothing like the sheer pleasure and tactical sensation of bare feet on sand, almost all my best memories are when I was up to my ankles in the cold Atlantic sea, walking across a summer meadow full of wild grasses that tickle, sinking my toes into warm sinking sand the colour of moonlight or feeling the silver cool bark of my favourite Ash Tree I used to spend countless hours in growing up.

To touch the earth is to literally ground ourselves, to reconnect with the great earth mother, to be renewed and to instantly be in our own body again. The power of bare feet to instantly transport you into the present moment is truly wondrous. Give it a go and see how it makes you feel.

5) Dance


One of the greatest pleasures in life surely most be locking the door, turning off the phone,  turning the music up loud and dancing your heart out. In dance, I find a place, a way of being, that allows me to express things I could not express in any other way. I lose myself in the music and it is only then that I find myself.

So many people are afraid of looking silly or feel they have two left feet but the benefits of dancing are so numerous I urge you to be brave. It is true what they say, dance like nobody is watching and you will become one with the music. In the centre of the dance floor, when you can feel the beat drumming in your chest and feeling becomes movement, let yourself go.

Two of my favourite dance videos are below if you would like some inspiration:

6) Yoga & Meditation


I’ve talked about yoga and meditation before and all of their the wonderful health benefits but one of the most rewarding aspects of yoga & mediation is how your thoughts can be chaotic and all over the place at the beginning but gradually you become calmer, your breathing slows and you remember what it is to be in your body, to be present, how that feels and how to let it go.


Mediation and yoga can both seem daunting or even intimidating practices to learn and even if you don’t want to go to local classes, with so many books, dvds, cds and youtube videos, there has never been a better or easier time to start.

I find it difficult to allow regular time for these things but even a 15 minute video practise can be incorporated into our hectic lives.

7) Laughter


My last recommendation is laughter and lots of it. There is nothing like laughter to lift the spirits, to bring back joy into ones life, to share a connection with another person. I came across this video of a man laughing on a train and how quickly his joy and laughter spread to the whole carriage even though they were all strangers and did not know what the man was laughing about. It didnt matter what caused him to laugh but the infectious nature of joy and laughter can bring us all together.

So these are seven of the ways I ground myself, I hope you find them useful or at least thought provoking. There are so many ways you can ground yourself, I wish you a fabulous journey discovering them 🙂




The Great Wild Sisterhood


Dear Reader, I have been spending a lot of time lately on Youtube watching fellow bloggers like Lauren Singer on Trash is for Tossers  or Joyous Health and MillieFreakles. It is absolutely fascinating how many women [men too also of course but a significantly high proportion of women in my experience] around the globe are waking up to the plight of our planet and are striving to became the change that needs to happen for there to be a future for not just our children and their children but for all life on Earth..


Women like Louise Hay, Denise Linn, Simone de Beauvoir, Tina Turner and closer to home, Mary Robinson and Mary McAleese and most of all my mother, provided me with incredible role models growing up of what a strong empowered woman looks like and how she lives.


Throughout history, women from Cleopatra, Sappho to Queen Elizabeth I, Joan of Arc,  Marie Curie, Amelia Earhart,  Florence Nightingale, Edith Wharton, Hellen Keller, Mother Theresa, Joni Mitchell and more recently, Michelle Obama and Malala Yousafzai, have brought about so much positive change in the world.  I grew up hearing about these women, these heroines, who even in the darkest of times strove to do the impossible and became a beacon of hope shining across the great expanse of time.


Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games books and films is a personal favourite heroine of mine. She stands up for those who cannot, she gives freely of all that she is and her bravery and strength have inspired countless people around the world. She may be a fictional character but her fight for love, family and freedom is a message that spokes to us all.


Other wonderful fictional female characters are Hermione in Harry Potter, Tris Prior in Divergent, Alice in the recent remakes, Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice, Xena and Gabrielle, Buffy Summers, Polgara from the David Eddings series, B’Lanna Torres from Star Trek Voyager, Kira Nerys from DS9, Wonder Woman…the list goes on.


We are Sisters of The Wild, where-ever you are, we stand on the same planet, under the same moon and stars…united in our quest to not just rediscover the great Wilderness within our hearts and souls, to live a life of love, honour and kindness, but also to encourage the light within us to shine, until Gaia herself is healed.


As a woman living in the 21st century in a time when social media rules supreme and there is a sense of if you are not turned on, you are not really truly alive. We spend so much time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, not just seeing what our friends and family are doing but chronicling our own experiences, so much so, we forget to live in the actual moment. While this might seem like harmless behaviour, you need to be careful not to get caught up in the pressure to be seen as being a outgoing, thrilling, fascinating popular creature, whose selfies are always picture perfect. We have all felt this pressure to be a facade, to present a mask of glamour to the world and to be what society or rather social media, thinks we should be.


Its time to say Stop! No more! Its time to take back the world we live in, not just the physical but the digital. More and more women are taking the power of Social media and channeling it into a powerful medium for change. In many ways, the digital world has all the characteristics of the Force in Star Wars, it is neither good nor bad, but a power in itself, all that matters is how you use it.


There are so many bloggers and websites I want to suggest but a good place to start is the wonderful site of Wild Sister. Shai’s honesty, fantastic humour and strength encourage me to do more, to become more then I am, or as The Mad Hatter in ‘Alice & Wonderland’ says to Alice, I need to rediscover and reclaim ‘my muchness‘! 🙂


The midnight oil is burning low, so I shall soon go to bed but dear gentle reader, when you lay your head down to rest, I hope you dream of dauntless women who run with wolves across the great grasslands and howl with all their heart to the lady moon shining above in all her splendour.