About Me

This is the story of my exhilarating journey of learning to live not just on the Earth but in harmony with the Earth. I belive that now is the time to start making changes in how we live, to start recycling, growing our own food, to walk more, to car pool, to use wind energy rather then solid fuel…

I am passionate about growing my own food and trying to live in an sustainable way and have as part of what I call ‘The Gaia Project’ started an organic fruit, veg and herb garden on a piece of overgrown land belonging to my family. This is the story of my journey of exploring sustainable living practices, a journey which I would like to share with you.

Gaia, or the Spirit of the Earth is desperately in need of our help before it is too late and the earth is a toxic playground for our future children. We each hold the power in our hands to transform this grim and very real possible future into something wonderful,to save our planet before it is too late. It may sound like a cliche, but just one person can make all the differance. We can all become Guardians of Gaia.

Lots of Love

Aisling Arwen Scott x