Daffodil Sunshine

The rain is here again but thats okay, I can feel it washing away the debris of the winter allowing fresh growth to spring up in its place. I've been busy getting ready for the new planting season. I finally devoted an afternoon to cleaning out my greenhouse which turned out to be an exhausting … Continue reading Daffodil Sunshine


Natural Beauty

I recently decided it was time to switch from buying beauty products in the shop, most of which contain harmful ingredients and harsh chemicals to homemade natural treatments. What with it being almost spring, I decided to go for a new look and change the colour of my hair. I have natural chestnut hair with … Continue reading Natural Beauty


The start of Spring is almost here, just another few weeks to go. I am already planning what work needs to be done and what crops I want to grow this year. I was astonished to discover that some of the carrots I planted last autumn had survived the arctic conditions and are actually doing … Continue reading Snowdrops