Finding The Goddess Within

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Cleopatra’s Coconut Cream Body Wash and Other Recipes fit for a Queen

Cleopatra, the last Queen of Ancient Egypt will be forever remembered, not just for being one of the most powerful women on earth, not just for her daring and adventurous spirit, not just for her talent at languages and negotiating skills but also for her astounding beauty. I grew up hearing about ancient Egypt and … Continue reading Cleopatra’s Coconut Cream Body Wash and Other Recipes fit for a Queen

The Heart of a Child

Dear Reader, I hope you are well since my last post? Things continue to disintegrate on a world wide scale, our world has never been in as much danger as it is now. With many major countries building up their stock of nuclear arms and conducting tests of these weapons of mass destruction, we are … Continue reading The Heart of a Child

The Great Wild Sisterhood

Dear Reader, I have been spending a lot of time lately on Youtube watching fellow bloggers like Lauren Singer on Trash is for Tossers  or Joyous Health and MillieFreakles. It is absolutely fascinating how many women [men too also of course but a significantly high proportion of women in my experience] around the globe are waking up to the … Continue reading The Great Wild Sisterhood

Beauty and the Bra

Today I would like to talk about something that is both deeply personally and yet is also an issue that effects the entire human race. The issue is the paradox of the female mammary organs, otherwise known as Breasts. There are three different things I would like to explore, the Women’s Rights movement in the … Continue reading Beauty and the Bra