Quick Look at How My Balcony Garden is Doing & Some Inspiring Balconies Around The World


Here are a few images from my balcony garden efforts. The storms and now the heat waves have not helped with the loss of many plants but slowly recovering now. Enjoy!


Herbs and flowers seem to shine brighter with the golden sunlight…


The scent of catmint is divine…


Herbs easily gathered for different recipes…


A tiny fountain adds sound and movement…


My space is very limited so trying to think more outside the box for how to grow my plants.

IMG_20180610_215700No windowsill without a plant…IMG_20180610_215730

Delighted with how my potatoes are doing…

IMG_20180610_215342Even peas and beans can be grown on a balcony…IMG_20180608_093553

I ended up with several apple saplings from one Granny Smith left too long in the sun by accident…


Fairy lights [from Christmas a few years put up and then decided too nice to take down] add a warm romantic atmosphere…

I have recently planted Calendula and am now growing a second crop of cucumber plants.

I plan to up-cycle as many containers as possible and grow more herbs, flowers and veg. I would love to get a few small trees to put in large pots [until I have my own garden] and put in some tall bamboo to add some essential shade.

More ideas to follow in the near future! 🙂


Some Other Balcony Gardens For Inspiration










Next Time

The Heatwave & Its Effects on The West Of Ireland – How climate change affects us all, the consequences of this change, how to cope with it and how to help the good fight in preventing it from getting worse.







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