How Not to make Sugar Wax!

waqSHk2This morning, I thought I would be brave and try making an ancient method of hair removal, Sugar Waxing. I keep coming across it on the net and have heard so many things about it from those who swear by it, to those who vow never again, so I was keen to try it for myself. It sounded like a great idea, as unlike the commercial, chemical ridden hair removal gels, creams and waxes out there, it only uses three ingredients found in every kitchen. As we come into summer in this part of the world and the temperatures rise and we shed our layers of winter warmth for skinny vests, little t-shirts, short dresses and sandals, I become conscious I need to do something about ‘The Hair‘!How-Bad-Does-Waxing-Hurt

I’m fortunate in that I have quite fair light hair on my body [as many Irish people do] but even so at this time of year, every year, I feel compelled to regularly shave under my arms and my legs every few days. If I for some reason can’t shave regularly, I feel horribly self conscious and feel like I’m turning into a hairy cave-woman with hair growing everywhere except where I wanted it to, my head! How I envy Rapunzel! [but thats a story for another day!maxresdefault

I discovered that its only in the last 100 years that hair removal became not just popular but expected in European society. It was fascinating to discover how different other cultures view hair removal and just where they remove hair from. Fellow Bloggers like Kristina from FullyRaw make the process look so easy and pain free, I had to give it a go but back to my experiment.


After much research, I assembled my ingredients:

  • 2 cups of Granulated Sugar
  • Half a cup of Lemon Juice
  • Half a cup of water

maxresdefault (1)Basic Method:*

  • I placed the sugar, lemon juice and water in a saucepan and brought it to boil, lightly stirring from time to time.
  • I let the mixture boil for the suggested time of 5-7 minutes until it was a light brown colour.
  • I let the mix cool for ten minutes.
  • I then poured this into a pre-heated mason jar [so it wouldn’t shatter on contact with the boiling hot wax].
  • I left the sugar wax for about twenty minutes and then using a flat knife [a spatula can also be used] tested the wax. It was still very runny so I left it for another ten minutes.
  • This time, the edges of the wax were becoming sticky and more of a honey/treacle texture, so I ran my knife around the rim and wiped it onto a plate [A plastic camping style plate apparently is best but all I had was china].maxresdefault (2)
  • The texture looked good so as advised, I tested it with the tip of my finger and promptly yelped in pain, dropped the knife, almost shattered the plate and hopped around the kitchen until I plunged it under the cold tap for several minutes! Wow, that hurt like hell!anigif_enhanced-17626-1417469810-18
  • So I left the mix for another 15/20 minutes and tried again, exact repeat of first time…
  • 0This time, I cooled the knife with the hot sticky wax by first running under cold water until I felt it was safe to put on my skin. There are two ways to do this, one by simply smoothing out the wax with your fingers onto your skin and removing it first by pulling it against the hair growth. The other method is almost exactly the same except you use fabric strips to place over the warm wax once its on your skin and then again pull it off quickly.
  • 162239005-200x300I tried Method One first as it seemed super straightforward, singed my fingertips, again, [was starting to run out of unburnt fingertips by this time] and then rolled the wax on the hair under my arm. Left it for a few seconds and then ripped it quickly off and was left…with the same amount of hair I had pre-wax. I retried this method several times but no success. All I succeeded in doing was turning my armpit red raw, horribly sticky and inflamed. Not fun!!


  • Onto Method Two: I reapplied the wax and then placed a thin strip of fabric over the wax, pressing firmly. Gave it a few seconds and tore the strip off. 6-1This time, a few hairs were removed but nothing of significance. Ahhhhh!!!
  • I reviewed all my info, double checked the various instructions and suggestions from fellow bloggers and spent another 15 minutes doing things slightly different but nothing worked.

ouch-tips-to-make-waxing-a-less-painful-process-1076x615In the end, after using up my store of swearwords and discovering a few I hadn’t known I had, I gave up. Giving up is not in my nature, so it was with great reluctance I put down the Great Sugar Wax experiment as a utter failure 😦

I’m still trying to get the hardened sugar wax out of the mason jar and have used salt, bread soda, vinegar, soap and hard water but still cant move the rock solid wax, maddening!

I’ve decided to go back to using a razor but this time I will invest in a stainless steel razor, that wont rust and has reusable blades, so I will still be cutting down on waste and being kinder to my poor tortured skin and the planet.

hippie-chickIn conclusion, feel free to check out all the videos out there and give it a go, as its a great idea and if it works for you thats super but if your like me and have rather oversensitive skin and/or low heat/pain threshold, its probably not a good idea. If you would rather go ‘au natural’ like Julia Roberts or use other natural homemade hair removal methods, I’d love to hear from you.

love-your-body-340Whatever you decide to do with your hair, enjoy feeling warm sunshine and gentle breezes again. Summer is just around the corner and its time to learn to love your body! 🙂

P.S. Theme soundtrack for this post: Meghan Trainor ‘All About That Bass

*Warning: Sugar wax may result in serious burns if not used very very carefully.



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