Wide awake…my endeavours to living a more authentic life


I am in the process of ‘ReWilding’ myself, something which I hadn’t fully articulated even to myself, until last night when I came across a TedX talk by Tara Woods filmed in Dublin. Tara’s talk wasn’t very long but her words made up for their scarcity by their powerful truths. Tara brought into light ancient truths to the way to happiness and expressed them in their most simple of forms.

I’m not going to drift through life like a good little socially conditioned zombie but with both eyes wide awake with purpose in my step and with meaning in my words and actions.

I see horror, grief, pain and suffering but I also see hope, love, faith and kindness and I would not miss it for anything. ‘Personal Social Responsibility’ becomes more then just a catchy slogan but a practice to live ones life by.

The universe desires balance, both light and dark, and although I may weep myself to sleep some nights and can never forget some of the things that I have seen, I shall bear witness to the worst and the best of humankind.

Before there is change, we need to open our eyes and see what is before us, the truth behind the glitz and glamour of social constructs & fairytales, and with that understanding, we can bring about change in the world.


We need to feel sunlight against our eyelids, the breeze in our hair, the taste of fresh water in our palm from a stream running down the hill, the sensation of grass underneath our feet ticking our toes…Without this, we will gradually became afflicted by malaise, depression, ill health and feel suffocated, trapped in a nightmare of our own unconscious making.

a601bd84cb0e17396ac25ca2b6e3d4b5As a child, I loved nothing more then running barefoot over the limestone plateaus and through the meadows and woods of my youth, the soles on my feet were strong, my grip sure and certain and to this day, I remember the joy I found in this freedom, to be me, to run wild and free.

Secondary school, college and then work forced my feet into shoes that often felt like instruments of torture, that weighed me down and dragged me down roads I didn’t want to travel. My connection to the earth was broken and I suffered. It is time to go to the greatest teacher of them all,  to listen to the wisdom of the mother Earth, to let her words drop into the deepest depths of our minds and to observe the ripples on the world around us.


For those with sensitive feet, you will know what I mean when I talk about clogs and doc martins feeling like concrete weights, high heels that make one feel as if you are on a tight-walk between ten story high buildings, ‘smart’ work shoes that crush ones toes into unnatural shapes…From blisters to bunions, to dropped arches, plantar fasciitis, ganglion cysts to torn ligaments and fractured toes, our feet are treated most cruelly.

Its time to say No More! I will not endure another day, another hour, another minute of this self inflicted pain and suffering, all in the name of fashion, convention and social pressure.

Barefoot Shoes:


I recently discovered the joy of ‘Barefoot’ footwear, shoes so light and moulded to the natural shape of the foot that it feels like you are walking barefoot. The most prominent maker of these shoes is Vibram, who produce both ‘fivefinger’ shoes and the more classically shaped running wear. After much research, I purchased a pair of classic black vibram fivefinger shoes on eBay, at a great price as they were a unwanted gift.

They are quite tricky at first persuading ones toes to slip into their individual pouches but the effort is well worth it. Make sure you have secured all your straps and then take your shoes out for a walk. I recommend you start off with short 15-30 mins walk until your feet are used to them.

Since acquiring my first pair, Ive worn them in the rain [torrential west of Ireland rain], on roads, in the woods, across rocks, footpaths, grass, inside buildings, at work and around my local neighbourhood.

I love how I can move my toes, feel the ground beneath my feet, the temperature of both the earth and the sun..I don’t need to worry about stabbing my feet on broken glass and other dangers in the city…I can feel both grounded and as light as a bird, utter freedom.

I still love to walk barefoot at work, at home, hill walking or on a beach but barefoot shoes particularly for city life are the next best thing.


I’m on a Quest that is as urgent as it is necessary, a quest to both save myself and to help save the world, a world whose existence is increasingly under threat of extinction from humans.

In the coming days and weeks, I’m going to research and try other ways of ‘rewilding’ myself. I’m 35 years old, and I want to live my life as honestly and as true to myself and what I believe in, whether that means dying my hair aqua blue, climbing mountains barefoot, going on spirit journeys or dancing naked under the moon.

I know I’m no Ghandi or Mother Theresa but they offer us proof that one person, just one person, against all the odds, can make a difference on a global scale.

Imagine what we could do if we worked together?



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