Dreaming of gleaming copper and soft sheepskin rugs you sink your feet into…

puresheepskin-1180x550Spring is almost here and as the earth begins to warm and winter releases his icy embrace, I sip warm goat’s milk in a gleaming copper cup and sink my toes deeper into the luxury of a sheepskin rug.

In the last few months, I have discovered the pleasure and the benefit of drinking water from a copper jug, the nature of copper to act as a filter, its healing properties and its ability to keep liquids chilled. People in the west have worn copper bracelets for years to help arthritis and other medical conditions.

mauviel-copper-12-piece-cookware-set-2015-alt2_imgzEvery night I fill up my one litre copper jug with water and in the morning, I drink 3 glasses before breakfast. This is an ancient practice throughout the vast country of India for many centuries. Copper’s ability to remove impurities and toxins, its refreshing spring water taste and its healing properties are well documented.

I bought a copper flask first which came with two copper cups to use at my desk in water and quickly became converted. I used to use a plastic flask until I became aware of how bad drinking water from plastic containers is, I then tried a BPA free flask with a filter but found the taste unpleasant and always at room temperature. I now use a large covered jug for water at home, the flask at work and am starting of collection of secondhand copper pots and pans from France.

Using Copper drinking ware and pots and pans can help arthritis, inflammation, asthma, allergies…I personally have noticed a substantial drop in my pain levels which has come as such a relief. Living in the city, the water is not as pure as I would like and often smells of chlorine but after one night in a copper jug, it tastes divine, as fresh as if I had just dropped my cup in a clear mountain stream bubbling joyfully down the hills.


Water is such an essential part of our lives but is often unappreciated. It is only when there is a lack of clean fresh water that people truly begin to understand what an important resource it is. Our bodies are made up of two thirds water, the same proportion as the earth, we can live without foods for weeks but only a few days without water.

In Ireland, there has never been a shortage of rain, not for nothing is Ireland’s fields so very green. With the introduction of water rates two years ago, a new awareness is growing for ways to save water.

I shall in the coming weeks talk about water barrels, rainwater, using waste water in the garden and other ways to better use this resource.

The last few years have been hard to say the least as my health crashed and burned and my soul sank into a deep abyss of despair but one thing that helped get me through that time, was discovering the comfort and pleasure of a real sheepskin rug.


I started off with a small one I bought on Ebay for beside my bed. It was wonderful to sink my feet into on waking up to a bitter cold morning or winding down in the evening. I then bought a large rug and after a few weeks of airing [genuine sheepskin rugs have a very strong sheep odour at first from the tanning process but if you have made sure to buy one from a reputable seller who tans the rugs naturally with salt, this wears off quickly] I put it on top of my sheets under my duvet.

The luxury of going to sleep on a soft sheepskin rug is a describable pleasure. It calls to long forgotten buried memories of a primordial world, the world of our ancestors.


The benefits of real sheepskin rugs and natural wool are too numerous to list but their ability to support weary or sore bodies, their natural antibacterial action helps create a micro climate around your bed of healing and their nurturing power to cherish premature babies to flourish and grow is remarkable. The quality of sleep is greatly improved thus further improving your body’s ability to heal during rest.

I recommend doing some research and buying your rugs from a seller who farms in a sustainable and conscientious way. Rugs can be pricey but they last for many lifetimes and will become family heirlooms of comfort and joy to every member of the family at all stages of life.

In many ways, buying and using copper jugs, cups, flasks, pots and pans and real sheepskin rugs is not just purchasing a product but a way of life. I still marvel at how two simple changes in my life, from plastic to copper and from cotton & polyester sheets to a sheepskin wool rug in my bed have enriched and nourished my life.



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