Marmalade Madness!

10I discovered in a local shop last week that they had gorgeous juicy spanish oranges for the incredible price of 45c for 1lb so I bought 15lbs in total with the plan of making enough marmalade for the year!

Its actually incredible easy to make marmalade and costs very little.All you need is time and patience.

To make marmalade, you need 1bag of sugar for every lb of fruit, 3 lemons and 250ml of flitered water. You also need of course clean sterlised jam jars, covers and  a large saucepan.Its really important you get the fruit/sugar ratio right so make sure to weigh the fruit before adding it to the sugar.  This makes you about 12 small pots or ten medium.

To make fine cut marmalade, simple pop your oranges into a bowl, pour bowling water over them and leave for five minutes. This makes them really easy to peel by hand and the scent of the warm fruit is heavenly.










Weigh the fruit and if making thick cut marmalade,cut roughly by hand and place in the saucepan with the sugar, lemon juice and water.If making fine cut, place in a blender until smooth.

Put the heat on full, and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Heat until bowl, then bowl for 20-30minutes. Place some saucers in the fridge and when the surface of the liquid takes on a glossy sheen, test a little on the cold saucer.If it doesnt run, the marmalade has reached setting point. Pour into jars immediately and cover. Your marmalade should keep for up to a year if kept in a cool dark place. Volia! Easy homemade marmalade!:)











I also made some orange sauce for cooking, as there is nothing quite like the scent and taste of orange for making a simple dish like chicken or fish exciting and tasty. I made the sauce the same way as the fine cut marmalade but only let it boil for 5-7 minutes and then bottled into empty wine bottles I had sterlised earlier.










The wonderful thing about making something like marmalade is the alchemy of taking four simple ingredients and transforming them into something you will enjoy everyday that is also good for you.My kitchen still has a scent  of an orange grove in spain, of sunshine and summer…



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