September days

Just a quick post, I have been very busy harvesting the fruit and veg from my garden and now that the start of autumn is here, I have been out collecting the first of the elderberries and making summer harvest jam [the first apples, pears, last years elderberries and blackberries] and thanks to a friend, I have bags of apples waiting to be used. I plan on making apple jelly for the first time, as well as more jam.


The haws are incredible this year, I’m just waiting for them to get really plumb and soft before I pick them, while already the rose hips are turning red. Very few blackberries this year alas, a result of the lack of sun this summer I imagine.

My compost, which I’ve been turning all summer [an exhausting process] will soon be ready for spreading around my garden, the I continue to harvest lettuce and cucumbers from my little greenhouse.

While, I will write more soon!




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