Hunting for Blackberries one sunny afternoon…

What a busy day! The weather was gorgeous so I cut the front lawn, trimmed the front hedges and large shrubs, walked the dog, did some watering and made a lovely roast dinner.

I also had a chance to go out and gather the first blackberries down a quiet country lane where they are doing really well. They are gorgeous massive juicy berries this year and I collected about three bowls worth so I was delighted. You can eat blackberries in so many ways: with ice cream or yoghurt, with pancakes, in ceral or on porridge, frozen, turned into jam, cheesecake or blackberry Fool… They are packed full of vitmin C, flavnoids and antioxidants so really good for you also. If you are gathering them outside your garden, make sure that they are not from a busy road or where someone might be spraying chemicals like weedkillers. Check for tiny insects and inperfections when you get home and put them in a container in the fridge. Only wash what you are going to eat immediately as otherwise they quickly go mouldy. If you have a load of blackberries and want to save them for the winter months, they are easily frozen and will be a lovely taste of summer with hot custard and cream in the dark nights of winter.

At this time of the year, when I am out walking, I see so much of natures bounty going to waste and have resolved to start forgaing more. Its free, its fun and if you’re careful perfectly safe. Blackberries obviously are great, wild rosehips can be made into a delicious syrup or used in homemade creams, there will be hazelnuts soon which can be stored or used in so many receipes…

I do NOT advise people to collect their own mushrooms as its to easy to make a mistake and possible die. Best of buying mushroom seed and growing your own in a mushroom box which I will be doing next year.

More on foraging again!


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