Dawn Chorus

I hung up a roosting pouch for the wild birds today off my central tree[the horse chestnut], its shaped like a bee hive hut, made of woven straw and wicker and cost 3.70 from B&Q. I think I will buy some more for the garden as I do want to encourage birds [the more birds the less slugs&snails!] and I heard that sometimes bats even come to live in them during the summer months! 🙂 We have bats that live in our yew tree and fly around the palm trees at the bottom of our front garden. They are lovely to see.

I plan to put up some nesting boxes over the next few months so that come spring, I might have some birds making my garden their home. We have four cats but they are so well fed that they don’t hunt anymore, indeed I think they have forgotten how to! Once I have the pond set up, the birds will have somewhere to bathe and to drink from.

There is a very brave little robin who follows me around the garden whenever I’m digging, hoping for worms no doubt. He ist bothered at all by the cats, one of whom is usually with me supervising the work!

We dont often see sparrowhawks but they are around, while I occasionally hear a owl. There are swans, ducks, coots and moorhens on the river and sometimes when the turlough floods in the winter, they come down to feed for a while there.

Every winter until the end of spring, I hang up bird feeders full of sunflower seeds, mixed seed and bags of peanuts and suet balls, usually in two or three different locations. The birds are a delight to watch and become quite tame the more they get used to you. I dont leave out bird feed until october usually as there is enough wild berries and nuts to sustain the birds until then.

When I was ten years old,I developed acute asthma and almost died from several serious asthma attacks and so spent most of the next seven years in bed, terribly frustrating for someone who loves to be outside. One day, I had the bright idea of placing a bird feeder [the type that sticks to windows with sucker pads] on my window and for many months after took great pleasure in seeing a bit of wildlife from my bed. [The only bad thing I will say about putting a bird feeder on your window is that you will need to wash down your windows regularly.However, if you cant get out much for whatever reason or know someone who is in that position, a bird feeder makes a fabulous present] I used to love seeing the blue tits that always turn up around my birthday in early January, as well as the gold finches and the red caps.

I love waking up in the morning to the sound of wood pigeons cooing nearby, eating my breakfast of marmite on toast and drinking a mug of golden camomile tea on the front step in the sunshine or going on a journey,standing outside the house about to leave and listening to the dawn chorus as the woods come alive around me.


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