Crazy Courgettes

Today was not the most productive of days for me due to the intense humidity and an exhausting week but I did manage to get three of my courgette plants dug into my garden. I had grown about a dozen plants from seed in the greenhouse but I’m quickly running out of space and wanted to see how they would do outside. I’ve placed them in semi-sun by my large horse chestnut tree so hopefully they will do well there. If they do as well as the ones on the greenhouse, I will move them all outside as courgette plants take up so much room and are very prickly. Also I’ve just discovered after a bit of research that they bear more fruit outside due to pollination by bees. Courgettes are astonishly easy to grow so my advice is if you plant the whole pack, be prepared for a lot of food!

Apart from cutting the lawn, doing a hour of dog training and walking, I tied up my broad beans [which have grown taller then me! [so buying 7 foot canes next year instead of the 5foot ones I bought in spring]and did some watering. I had hoped to dig up a new vegetable patch for my brussel sprout seedlings today but the heat was just too much, another days work.I did clear the wildly overgrown area of briars, branches and weeds so at least thats done. Often the clearing takes nearly as long as the digging. I also did a quick check of my greenhouse for snails and slugs and was dismayed to discover that the biggest of the green peppers had fallen off the plant and was starting to decay. Very strange, will look into that later on the net.

We had some more broad beans, garden peas and mangetout with our dinner tonight and they were very tasty. I’m always amazed at the softness of the lining of the broad bean pods and the scent from freshly picked peas is incredible!

I’m going to plant some australian yellow lettuce seed tomorrow as we are nearly  out of the curly green lettuce I planted two months ago, the red salad bowl lettuce is doing well and should be ready to eat in a week or two. Its important to keep planting new lettuce every few weeks so you have always have more on hand. Lettuce is another easy food to grow, needs very little soil and keeps on growing until you have ate the whole plant!

Going to visit Kylemore Abbey gardens tomorrow as havnt been there in years and hoping to pick up some ideas from their extensive kitchen garden.


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