The Rich Dark Soil of The West

It all began in march of this year, when I realised that the land at the top of our cultivated garden[the wild mostly untamed part] was perfect for a fruit and veg garden. When I was very young, I had a small garden of my own at the back of the house in which I used to grow radishes, lettuce, carrots and even sweetcorn! There is a photo of me from when I was 6 or 7 years old wearing green frog wellingtons proudly holding up a bunch of radishes and although I was covered in dirt and my hands are muddy, I remember that as being one of the best days of my childhood. Anyways, my apologies for the trip down memory lane but I think it important to know where I’m coming from. I grew up and went to college and then to live in the city where I had no garden and for the last decade, I’ve had no contact with the earth.

I yearned to feel the rich dark soil of the west in my hands again, the joy of seeing seeds I sowed sprout and bear fruit, to taste the sweetness of fresh peas, to take my harvest and turn it into delicious meals or to spend hot summer days gathering blackberries and making jam on the stove.

I needed to feel that connection to the earth and all living things again, to heal my soul after so long living in concrete blocks, to hear birdsong and to feel the warmth of the sun through the swaying branches of an Ash tree. And so, in march, I started to dig…


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